MUTAI MEL-18 Residual Current Circuit Breaker 4P 40A RCCB

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Function of switching and isolationProvides protection against electrical shock resulting from direct or indirect contactEnsures safety by preventing fire hazards caused by insulation faultsSuitable for use in residential, commercial, and industrial applicationsLacks overload and short circuit protection

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Residual Current Circuit Breaker Size,RCCB Size
Residual Current Circuit Breaker Detail,RCCB Detail

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Residual Current Circuit Breaker Operation Diagram


1.Safety against overcurrent: This type of circuit breaker protects against short circuits and overload currents.
2.Prevent electric shock: The leakage circuit breaker effectively prevents electric shock and the risk of electric shock by promptly identifying and cutting off the leakage to the ground.
3.Fast reaction time: The tripping mechanism of these circuit breakers is designed to respond quickly, triggering within a fraction of a second when an electrical fault is detected.

4.Comprehensive Protection: Suitable for use in a variety of environments, including residential, commercial and industrial settings, these circuit breakers provide reliable and multi-faceted safety measures.

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The MCB Miniature circuit breakers are professional & widely used in building, residence, industrial applications , electric power transmission.




3 pcs per inner box,18 pcs per outer box .
Dimension per outer box: 44*16*38.25 cm

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MUTAI Electric has a particular emphasis on serving markets in the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, South America, and Russia... etc

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