MUTAI CJX2 1810 220v 380v AC Contactor

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CJX2 series AC Contator is suitable for using in the circuits up to the rated voltage 660V AC 50/60Hz,rated current up to 695A,for making,breaking,frequently starting & controlling the AC motor.

The CJX2 AC contactor complys with IEC60947-4-1 stardard.

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CJX2 series AC contactor has small and simple appearance. It is suitable for AC 50 or 60Hz,rated voltage 660V, and maximum current not exceed 95A, for making & breaking circuits, frequent start-up and control of AC contactor.  The contactor can act as the time-delay contactor, reversible contactor, star-delta starter by the accessories addition such as addition of modular auxiliary contact set. Air time delay head, mechanical interlock mechanism, etc. Moreover,it could act as the electromagnetic starter by the direct plug of the thermal relay.
The product conforms standard IEC/EN60947-4-1 .

Type CJX2-09 CJX2-12 CJX2-18 CJX2-25
Rated Current ln(A) AC-3 9 12 18 25
AC-4 3.5 5 7.7 8.5
Standard power rating of 3 phase motors 50/60 Hz in catagory AC-3 220/230V 2.2 3 4 5.5
380/400V 4 5.5 7.5 11
415V 4 5.5 9 11
500V 5.5 7.5 10 15
660/690V 5.5 7.5 10 15
Rated heat current (A) 20 20 32 40
Electric life AC-3(XX104) 100 100 100 100
AC-4(X104) 20 20 20 20
Mechanical life (X10) 1000 1000 1000 1000
Number of contacts 3P+NO 3P+NO 3P+NO 3P+NO

Outline and Installion dimension (mM)

Outline and Installion dimension (mm)


  1. Modular design: The CJX2 series has a modular design, which means that its components can be easily replaced if necessary. This makes it easier and more cost-effective to maintain.
  2. Enclosure protection: The CJX2 series is designed with enclosure protection, which means that it is protected against dust and moisture. This makes it suitable for use in harsh environments.


The main products of MUTAI included MCB, MCCB, ACB, RCBO, RCCB, ATS, Contactor. The products are professional & widely used in building, residence, industrial applications , electric power transmission.




50 pcs per carton box
Dimension of outer carton: 43*26*21 cm

Main Market

MUTAI Electric focus on Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, South America, Russia Market.

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With ISO 9001, ISO14001 management system certificates, the products are qualified by international certificates CCC, CE, CB.

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