CMTQ4 Series ATS Automatic Transfer Switch for Generator PC Class

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CMTQ4 Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch is mainly applicable to the AC 50 Hz, rated voltage AC400V, working voltage 220V, rated current 16A to 3200A distribution or generator network. There is  a primary  and standby  power, or as  the utility to generator in loading changeover. At the meanwhile, it can be used for isolation of infrequently connecting and breaking circuits and lines.

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CMTQ4 Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch Series is a kind of new automatic transfer switch gathered switch and logic controller, achieve mechanic and electricity turn into a integral whole. It is suitable for using in the distribution equipment in industry and business with rated insulating voltage up to 690V, rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage 380V, conventional heating current up to 3200A, supplying for switch automatically of Normal power and reserve power in power system or switch automatically and safety isolation of two sets load device etc. It can be used for hospital, shop, bank, high building, coal mine, telecommunication, iron mine, superhighway, airport, industrial flowing water line and military installation etc.important situation where disallow power supply failure.

1. Electrical and mechanical properties of dual power automatic transfer switch


2. Main circuit wiring diagram



The CMTQ4 ATS supply system applicable to changeover the main power supply and backup power supply automatically or two sets load equipment and safety isolation automatically.

This dual power automatic transfer switch is widely used in hospitals, banks, high-rise architecture and so on, which are very important place disallow the failure to supply, distribution and automaticion system.



CMTQ4-100 8pcs per outer carton
CMTQ4-160 4 pcs per outer carton
CMTQ4-250 2pcs per outer carton
CMTQ4-400 1pc per outer carton
CMTQ4-630 1pc per outer carton
Dimension of outer carton

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With ISO 9001, ISO14001 management system certificates, the products are qualified by international certificates CCC, CE, CB.

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