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Surge protection devices (SPD) are essential for safeguarding electronic equipment against lightning. They serve to restrict the sudden overvoltage of power and signal transmission lines to levels within the equipment’s tolerance range, or to divert potent lightning currents safely to the ground, shielding the protected equipment or system from potential harm.

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Surge protection device(SPD) is an indispensable device for lightning protection of electronic equipment. It is used to limit the instantaneous overvoltage of the power line and signal transmission line to the voltage range that the equipment or system can withstand, or a powerful lightning current drains into the ground to protect the protected equipment or system from impact and damage.

Product Model CMT-20 CMT-30 CMT-40 CMT-60 CMT-80 CMT-100
operation voltage Un (V) 220 380
Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc (V) 385/400
Protection level Up (kV) 1.5 1.8 1.8 2 2.2 2.5
Maxium discarge current Imax (Ka) 8/20 μs 20 30 40 60 80 100
Nomial discharge current In (Ka) 8/20 μs 10 15 20 30 40 60
Leakage current Ic <25
Reponse time t (ns) <20 ua

normal usage conditions

Voltage: The voltage continuously applied between the surge protector and the terminal block does not exceed the maximum continuous operating voltage UC.
Altitude: The installation site altitude does not exceed 2,000 meters.
Ambient air temperature: normal range -5°C~+40°C, extreme range -4C~+70°°C.
Relative humidity: should be between 30% and 90% at room temperature.

Installation conditions

1.The Surge Protective Device is mounted on a 35mm standard rail and can be installed within a distribution box, distribution cabinet, or similar enclosure.
2.There should be little to no noticeable impact or vibration at the installation site.

3.The Surge Protective Device is linked using copper wires, with cross-sectional areas of 2.5~16mm for flexible wires and 2.5~25mm for rigid wires. The connecting wire should be kept as short as possible, with a total length of under 0.5m. Light blue wires are used for the neutral wire, while green and yellow (two-color) wires with a cross-sectional area of 4mm are used for the ground wire.
4.Each pole of a surge protector should be protected. Miniature circuit breakers can be used for current protection. The breaking capacity of the miniature circuit breaker must be greater than the short-circuit current there. Fuses can also be used.

Outline and Installion dimension (mm)

surge protective device outline dimension


For the operation of the surge protector device, it is necessary to regularly check the working status of the protection module indication window. Green means normal, red means fault. If a fault is found, the protection module should be replaced immediately.


Surge protective device are electronic devices specially designed to protect various electronic equipment, instrumentation and communication lines. Because external interference can cause peak currents or voltages in circuits or communication lines, surge protectors can quickly conduct and shunt current in a very short period of time to prevent other equipment in the circuit from being damaged by the surge.


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