MUTAI CMTQ4-2500A ATS Dual Power Automatic Changeover Switch

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The CMTQ4 ATS series Automatic Changeover Switch are primarily designed for use in power distribution or motor networks operating at 400V voltage. The rated voltage is AC 400V, and the rated current range is 32A-3200A. The switch facilitates seamless transfer between primary and backup power or between mutual backup power systems. It can also be used for overload switching between mains and generator sets. In addition, it can be used as an isolating switch for non-frequency making and breaking circuit operations.

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Automatic Transfer Switch ATS
Automatic Transfer Switch ATS

Our products are widely used in critical power supply applications such as transportation, distribution power supply systems and automation systems. It is especially suitable for places that require uninterrupted power supply, including fire protection facilities, hospitals, banks, various buildings, etc.

1. Electrical and mechanical properties of dual power automatic transfer switch

Automatic Transfer Switch

2. Overall and installation dimension drawing ( 2000-3200)

Automatic Transfer Switch

3. 2000~3200 Installation dimension table

Automatic Transfer Switch


The CMTQ4 ATS power supply system is designed to automatically switch between main and backup power sources or between two sets of load equipment while ensuring safe isolation. It is widely used in critical environments such as hospitals, banks and high-rise buildings, where uninterrupted supply, power distribution and automation systems are critical.



CMTQ4-2000 1pc per outer wooden case

Q & C

With ISO 9001, ISO14001 management system certificates, the products are qualified by international certificates CCC, CE, CB.

Main Market

MUTAI Electric focus on Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, South America, Russia Market.

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1. More than 10 years experience of producing MCB, MCCB, ACB, RCBO, RCCB, ATS, Contactor... etc.
2.Completed industrial chain from component production to complete products assembly, testing and under routine control.
3.With ISO 9001, ISO14001 management system certificates, the products are qualified by international certificates CCC, CE, CB.
4.Professional technical team, can provide OEM and ODM service , can supply competitive price.
5.Fast delivery time and good after-sale service.

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