CMTM6RT Series 250A 3P Thermal Electromagnetic Circuit Breaker

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CMTM6RT adjustable moulded case circuit breaker is new upgraded circuit breaker searched by company combined with the advantages of similar international products and demand of domestic and international market.It used to distribute electric power energy, protect circuits and power equipment against overload,short circuit,undervoltage .It also can be used for conversion of line and infrequent starting motor.

The product conforms with the standard of IEC60947-2

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The CMTM6RT adjustable moulded case circuit breaker is a recently improved product developed by our company, which combines the strengths of comparable international products with the demands of both domestic and international markets.

This circuit breaker is designed to work in AC50/60Hz distribution systems, with a rated voltage of up to 690V and a rated current range of 20A to 800A. It is suitable for distributing electric power energy and safeguarding circuits and power equipment from overload, short circuit, and undervoltage. Additionally, it can be utilized for line conversion and infrequent starting motor applications.

   Frame current   Inm(A) 250
Model NO. CMTM6RT-250S CMTM6RT-250M CMTM6RT-250H
Poles 3,4
Rated Current ln(A) 100-125,  125-160,160-200,200-250
Rated Voltage Ue (V) AC400V
Rated Insulation voltage Ui (V) AC1000V
Short Circuit breaking capacity(KA) Icu/Ics AC400V 35/25 50/35 85/50
Operating cycle number ON 3000 3000 3000
OFF 7000 7000 7000
Electric operating device(MD)      
External driving operating handle      
Automatic release Thermal electromagnetic type


1. Adjustable trip settings: The thermal-magnetic adjustable molded case circuit breaker allows for the adjustment of both thermal and magnetic trip settings, making it suitable for a variety of applications.
2.Protection against overcurrent and short circuits
3. Protection of circuits against short circuit current and overload.
4.Nice design and ease of installation

Type Designation

Type Designation


The MCCB moulded case circuit breakers are professional & widely used in building, residence, industrial applications , electric power transmission.




12 pcs per carton
Dimension per outer box: 35*28*37 cm

Main Market

Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, South America, Russia Market ... etc.

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