What do the parameters on MCB represent?

Miniature circuit breakers (MCB) are mainly used to protect circuits from short circuits and overloads, and can also be used in power distribution systems for lighting or motors.
It is characterized by beautiful and compact appearance, light weight, excellent and reliable performance, high breaking capacity, rapid tripping, easy installation of guide rails and long service life.
There are many symbols on the miniature circuit breaker (MCB). What do they mean?

miniature circuit breaker

1. What does “C20” mean?
20 is the rated current, so what does C mean? C represents the instantaneous tripping characteristics of the circuit breaker, which is divided into B, C and D types;
Type B (3-5) In is tripped at 3 to 5 times the rated current. It is suitable for purely resistive loads and low-sensitivity lighting circuits. This type of load has a small starting current and is generally used in home lighting or places with high protection requirements. occasion.
Type C (5-10) In is tripped at 5 to 10 times the rated current. It is suitable for inductive loads and high-sensitivity lighting circuits, such as tungsten halogen lamps. Its starting characteristics have a high current value and are generally used in distribution circuit protection. and lighting loads with high starting characteristic current.
Type D (10-14) In is tripped at 10 to 14 times the rated current. It is suitable for power distribution systems with high inductance loads and large impact currents, such as motors, solenoid valves and other loads. Such loads have Higher impact loads.

2.240V/400V 50Hz/60Hz refers to applicable circuits;
3.IEC60898 refers to the international electrotechnical standard IEC60898.
4. What does the 4500A at the bottom mean? Is it electric current?
It is indeed current, which refers to the maximum breaking current. That is, when a short circuit occurs on the line, if the current is larger than 3000A, it may not be disconnected. This parameter is different for different manufacturers.

5.What does this symbol mean?
This symbol indicates that the circuit breaker has dual tripping (protection) functions for overload and short circuit.


Post time: May-18-2024