The 2nd Council Meeting of the 5th Zhejiang Circuit Breaker Association was successfully held

On April 14t,h, 2023, the second council meeting of the fifth session of Zhejiang Circuit Breaker Association was held in Yuexin Jinlong Hotel. The meeting was presided over by Yu Yongli, executive vice president and the president of Mutai electric group.

Circuit breaker

Zheng Jianqiang, secretary-general of the association, made a brief report on the visits to enterprises carried out by the secretariat recently, and briefly explained the “Notice on Recruiting the Third Batch of Key Talents in the Circuit Breaker Industry for Storage”. All member units are invited to actively participate. The meeting discussed matters such as developing new members, carrying out special training in the circuit breaker industry, organizing member companies to go out for inspections, holding parts committee meetings and expert committee meetings, and other related matters. At the meeting, the participating directors actively spoke and discussed seriously. After deliberation at the meeting, various agendas were passed, and some directors present at the meeting also put forward valuable opinions and suggestions for the future development of the association.


Yu Yongli, the executive vice president of the association, finally made a concluding speech. On behalf of the association, he thanked all the directors for coming to the meeting despite their busy schedules, and thanked everyone for their concern and support for the work of the association. The association will adhere to the tenet of “serving the enterprise, serving the industry, and serving the government”, and will take the opportunity of “expanding transformation” and “leapfrog development” to actively promote the sustainable and healthy development of the circuit breaker industry and create a new development of the circuit breaker industry. Chapter!


Post time: Apr-18-2023